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Our classes are divided according to 4 age groups 2+, 3+ , 4+ , 5+

 We offer large classrooms with excellent teaching aids.
 Comfortable seating arrangements are based on the age of the child.
 We use a wide variety of craft work / flash cards to add to the value of our teaching.
 Our work sheets are designed and developed for each age group.
 We strongly believe in the concept of 'Teach through Play'.

School is fun!
Kids at the pre-nursery learn while playing. Special care is taken for children while they are introduced to reading and writing. Our teaching methods and strategies allow UKG students to easily transition to the 1st Grade . At the end of the year, it is always a joy to see how much our students have learnt and achieved!

Arts And Crafts
Importance is given to both arts and crafts. Children are introduced to a variety of materials: crayons, colour pencils, paints, clay, sand, sticks, beads, glue, scissors etc. Children are left to use their ideas to create crafts under the supervision of our teachers. Our annual painting competition is a premier event that showcases each child's creativity.

We have a large eclectic library for the children to utilize. Teachers have access to the latest teaching guides and methods that allow them to learn as well. Reading is an important part of our programme and story-telling is an everyday activity.

Music And Dance
Music along with Shlokas and Bhajans are used to further develop each child's creativity. Witness the results during our children's day programme!

Non Academic

The classrooms are bright, colourful, well-ventilated and spacious. Akshara offers a wonderfully landscaped green lawn area for kids to play on. The large playground includes swings, slides and a sandbox.

Vans are available and are privately run by responsible drivers. Safety is our utmost priority; teachers personally seat each child in their respective van.

An Annual Medical check-up is conducted by a Pediatrician & a Dental camp is held every year at the School.

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